Solar power will be ‘big acid record’ said by Lorde

Solar power will be ‘big acid record’ Acording to Lorde

Solar power will be 'big acid record' said by Lorde

Lorde a 24-year-old singer is ready to drop her Amazing anticipated third studio album later this month, but the record turned into “a weed album” instead.

Lorde – who unleashed his single ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ last month – said: “The references are so deep, conjuring that slight sort of cult leader, ‘take the drug I’m about to put on your tongue’ sort of world … I say, ‘let the bliss begin’, like, I’m a maniac.

“Well, I thought I was going to make this big acid record but I don’t think it was an acid album. I had one bad acid experience in this album and was like meh, it’s a weed album. It’s one of my great weed albums.”

Lorde was keen to feature some musical references from her younger years in her new record, and those influences included Len’s 1999 song ‘Steal My Sunshine’, and Robbie Williams’ 2000 hit ‘Rock DJ’.

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